We are hiring Junior Python Developers again. This time, it is for our Data Gathering Team –  for writing scripts to scrape, clean and store data from the web.  This will be an excellent opportunity for fresh graduates interested in getting into the world of python and data analysis.

What is the job like?

Most of your day would be spent analyzing websites, xpaths and HTML pages to extract structured data from the unstructured web. You will work with a team of 20+ developers who are fun to work with. Here are some of the stuff you would do –

  • Build web scrapers using Python, BeautifulSoup, LXML
  • Run scrapers in our highly distributed data gathering platform
  • Analyze the collected data using data analysis tools like Python-Pandas, OpenRefine, Apache Spark, etc.
  • Write tests to make sure the collected data is clean and accurate
  • Create Visualisations on the collected data

It would be the first step of getting into more exciting jobs at Turbolab – everyone starts as a developer in the data gathering team before moving into our other teams like Data Analysis &Visualisation, Distributed Platforms and more.

What are the requirements?

We are looking for highly energetic individuals who have a passion for programming and solving challenges.

  • Know to code in at least one programming language. Writing “Hello World” or printing numbers won’t be enough. Knowing Python isn’t mandatory – but should be able to learn to make scripts using python yourself in a week.
  • Comfortable using a Linux environment to work with – 90% of computers in our office run Linux. 98% of the developers here use some flavor of Ubuntu to work on. We prefer to hire people who already know their way around a Linux terminal.
  • You should be a self-learner. We are a fast-paced bootstrapped startup – means there is no time for us to put all hires into extensive training programs like large companies. We expect people to learn whatever they’ve got to learn by themselves. This doesn’t mean you are on your own – you can always ask for help when you are stuck, and there will be people here to help you out.
  • Must be a person who enjoys working with others. We place a lot of emphasis on our culture because we are both a team and a family. We want to create an environment that is friendly, warm, and exciting for everyone who works here.

What is in it for you?

Here is the most important one

You will learn a lot more than what you did in your college in less than 2 months

Some less important ones –

  • A Relaxed, Tension Free Environment
  • Good work-life balance – work on your own schedule. We live by “Work Wherever, Wear Whatever, Play  Whenever.”
  • Flexible Vacation Policy – leaves are unlimited as long as you get stuff done
  • Salary Benefits – we pay you better than most companies in Kochi.

You can read more about our work culture in our careers page

Go here and apply now.

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