We provide data augmented solutions for the enterprise

We work on technologies and products that enable the enterprise to aggregate, transform, analyze and visualize large amounts of data from the web, and help them to make smarter data-driven decisions

Our Services

Turbolab is all about providing value out of  unstructured data in the web to our customers.  Below are services we provide to enterprise customers

News Classification and Analysis

We index, tag and classify millions of News Articles from hundreds of sources. This data can be used for training machine learning models, threat intelligence and overall brand sentiment monitoring.

Data Visualisation Tools and Frameworks

We also build custom applications that help our customers to get a simple interface to look at multiple data sets through dashboards, custom reports, charts and alerts.

Social Media Data Collection and Analysis

Our social media listening platform monitors data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. enabling Brands, Business and Celebrities keep an eye on their reputation, customer love and popularity.

Web Crawling and Data Extraction

Our web crawling and data extraction platform is capable of collecting large data sets for Research, Monitoring or Market Intelligence from the web at really high speeds.

We are hiring

We hire the best and brightest, give them competitive salaries, options, and flexible schedules, and remove every barrier we can to doing good work. Head to our careers page to find our latest openings, and tell us what makes you stand out from rest of the pack !